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Manufacturing Accreditations: ISO 13485 | ISO 9001 Regulation Compliance: CE

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Nitrile examination gloves of the highest quality!


Inner Renewable Energy Cambodia was founded in 2012 to research, in close collaboration with the government, renewable energy sources as their main goal. IREC’s mission is to become a leader in providing sustainable energy for the region.

One of IREC’s branches concerns PPE products. The main task of this branch is to work with PPE suppliers in order to find certified products with the best quality and high production capacity. During this pandemic, where personal protection equipment has reached a new level of importance all over the world, IREC wants to contribute by providing their customers with essential products that will ensure their well-being, health and safe working environment.

IREC PPE has experience in import and export to and from South East Asia, and supplies customers with a selection of personal protection products such as gloves, masks, disposable gowns and suits, goggles and face shields. All of which are certified and tested according to the highest international standards.

One of their brands is ACCULYNE (manufactured in Indonesia). This brand provides vinyl, latex and nitrile gloves, suitable for a wide variety of activities. ACCULYNE offers a wide variety of product meaning that all requirements can be met. Customers will be able to find exactly the right gloves for their needs, be it gloves that are safe for medical examinations or simply gloves that offer everyday protection.


Nitrile examination gloves the best alternative to latex!


Nitrile examination gloves ACCULYNE are 100% latex free, which reduces risk of allergic reactions caused by natural rubber. Some of the important attributes are : the ambidextrous design of the gloves, beaded cuffs and textured fingertips for extra grip. The gloves are manufactured with new formula to increase their softness and comfort, which also provides elastic properties comparable with latex gloves. Durable without losing its elasticity and high tactile sensitivity, ACCULYNE gloves are powder free and can therefore be used safely in the food industry. These gloves are characterized by high resistance, while offering great levels of protection against chemicals as well as chemotherapy drugs. Nitrile medical grade gloves are suitable for use in all areas of healthcare as extensive tests have shown their protective value against bodily fluids, blood borne pathogens. This in combination with their puncture resistance which helps prevent contamination. Nitrile industrial grade gloves are a perfect choice for other tasks including working with chemicals, food or everyday use while cleaning. Gloves are available in sizes: S/M/L/XL with minimum length of 220mm and thickness of min 0.05mm.

ACCULYNE’s nitrile examination gloves are manufactured  according to the international standards EN 455, EN 374, ASTM D6319, ASTM D1671 and compliant with regulations  specified by FDA, FDA 500(k) and CE. Producing company holds accreditations : ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015.



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