Medium nitrile gloves the best alternative for those who suffer from latex allergies.

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Minimum order quantity: from 1.000,000 pieces

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Delivery time: 30 – 45 days production 30 Tage Transport

Country of origin: China


  • Manufacturing Accreditations:
  • International Standards: EN 374 1-5 | EN 455 1-4 | EN 420| EC 1935
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0.05 mm min

Manufacturing Accreditations
Regulation Compliance
International Standards EN 374 1-5 | EN 455 1-4 | EN 420| EC 1935

30 - 45 days production 30 Tage Transport (DDP China)

Medium nitrile gloves that are globally sought after.


Since the beginning of the pandemic, markets all over the world have been flooded with personal protective equipment. Products such as gloves, face masks and protective suits have now gained enormous popularity. Manufacturers are continuously working on improving their technologies, aiming to meet rising expectations of the customers. One of these manufacturers, located in Vietnam, is an innovator in the healthcare industry. Their protective gear, which meets international safety standards, is a valuable addition to the market. MedP invest in research and development to ensure that the products reach the customers and meet the highest industry standards. Some of their supplies have been chosen by local governments to be used in hospitals to satisfy the rising demand. They have acquired all necessary certificates to export their products to the European Union. MedP´s nitrile gloves conform to ATSM D6319 standards, which covers certain requirements for gloves used in medical applications. These gloves have been thoroughly tested. As a result of this the tensile strength and ultimate elasticity of the glove sample can be determined. This product has been manufactured under ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 22000:2005 quality management systems. With a length of 230 mm and thickness of 0.08 mm on fingers and 0.06 on palm they are a perfect fit for the majority of users. The powder content of these gloves has been established at maximum 2g per glove. These gloves are packed into boxes (100 gloves per box).

The advantages of using powder-free, medium nitrile gloves in comparison to other options.


Medium nitrile gloves from a company that understands that quality should never be compromised.


MedP’s inventory of high quality products includes latex and nitrile gloves. These gloves are an integral part of personal protective equipment, particularly during medical procedures or medical evaluation. they are essential to the protection of patients as well as healthcare workers. Disposable gloves can be used in any industry as well as in any household. Cleaning, handling chemicals, cooking are just a few activities where hand protection gear is advised. Since there are many different needs, there are many choices available. Depending on expected level of protection, comfort and durability customers can choose between latex, vinyl and nitrile gloves. Medium nitrile gloves are a preferred option, since they are safe to use for people who suffer from latex allergies. At the same time these gloves offer the same elasticity of latex, while providing high durability and puncture resistance. Nitrile is considered to be the best alternative to latex. It is recommended for people working in places where biological and chemical hazards can be encountered. Alongside protection against bacteria and viruses, nitrile offers incomparable chemical resistance. Nitrile gloves from our manufacturers in Vietnam are sterile, powder-free and made out of a synthetic nitrile latex. Available in a wide range of sizes from extra small to extra-large. Gloves containing powder might be easier to don and doff but they might cause an allergic reaction and leave unwanted residue on clothing and other surfaces. These are the main reasons to invest in powder-free options, especially when using gloves for surgeries and other sensitive procedures. Medical grade gloves have been designed for non-surgical medical procedures. Before approval they require rigorous factory-level testing. This requirement ensures high quality and therefore provides a proper barrier against extreme risks. Caregivers, beauty professionals and tattoo artists are examples of professions where workers come into contact with blood. Using gloves that meet the highest standards protects them from being infected by blood borne pathogens.



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