3M – NT400PF Disposable nitrile gloves

3M – NT400PF Disposable nitrile gloves

Disposable nitrile gloves from one of the best all-rounders in the industry

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Minimum order quantity: from 1.000,000 boxes

Payment: 100% PRE-FINANCED/ 100% LC (Irrevocable, Transferable & Divisible at sight)/
SBLC( see PDF download )

Delivery time: 10 – 40 days

Country of origin: Europe/ USA


  • Manufacturing Accreditations: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, EN ISO 13485
  • International Standards: EN 681: Pt.1, EN 15129, IATF 16949, IATF 16949, EN374, EN455 1-4
  • EC-ERP:

SOP: more below under “SOP”


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Cornflower blue



Latex free:


Material thickness

0.08 mm (Palm)

Manufacturing Accreditations ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, EN ISO 13485
Regulation Compliance CE, CE2797, FDA, FDA K510, SGS, NIOSH
International Standards EN 681: Pt.1, EN 15129, IATF 16949, IATF 16949, EN374, EN455 1-4

10 - 40 days CFI EU/USA

Disposable nitrile gloves are fresh from the USA.

3M is a multinational corporation operating in 70 countries worldwide, improving the lives of millions of people with over 60.000 products available on the market. 3M was founded in 1902 in Northern Minnesota as a small-scale mining venture which has evolved into an innovative, modern business active in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics sectors. What started as a local enterprise operates nowadays in industry, workers safety, health care, and consumer goods. 3M cares about profit and giving back to the communities through various programs, social investments, and the 3M Foundation. Sustainability is another topic high on 3M’s priority list. They invest substantial financial assets to accelerate achieving their goals:

  • Carbon neutrality by 2050
  • Reducing water use at their facilities
  • Improving the quality of water returned to the environment

 Disposable nitrile gloves and their various uses.

Automotive, design & construction, electronics, health care, and safety. These are just a few of the extensive list of the industries in which 3M’s products are being used. 3M owns well-known brands, such as Nexcare, Scotch, Post-it, Scotch-Brite. This provides a variety of products used by companies, households, and individuals all over the globe. Although 3M operates within multiple markets, its healthcare solutions have gained even more importance in recent months. One of these solutions includes face shields, masks, protective eyewear, overalls, filters, and disposable nitrile gloves.Global Glove Line offers their customers powder-free nitrile examination gloves from 3M, model NT400PF, characterized by high protective qualities combined with extraordinary tactile sensitivity. Nitrile provides better elasticity than vinyl and better puncture resistance than latex. These gloves are powder-free, eliminating contamination risk, and latex-free to minimize potential allergic reactions. Available in blue and sizes Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. This product can be used for various tasks where strength, flexibility, and chemical resistance are required. Their durability and excellent grip make them suitable for precision jobs. Disposable nitrile gloves from 3M are soft, easily donned, and odor-free. Glove thickness varies from 0.15mm at cuff, 0.18mm on palm, to 0.21mm on fingers. Length of medium and large size is 300mm, while size S – 290mm.

These gloves meet the quality standards specified by NIOSH, CE, CE2797, FDA, FDA – 510K, SGS and have been tested by safety standards EN374, EN455 Part 1, 2, 3 & 4, EN 681 Part 1, EN 15129, IATF 16949. 3M holds accreditations ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, EN ISO 13485.

1.) Buyer provides NCNDA, LOI, POF
(BCL/MT760/MT199 with at least 20% of value).
2.) Seller provides SCO (Soft Corporate Offer).
3). Seller provides FCO (Full Corporate Offer), Buyer
signs FCO and provides ICPO.
4.) Seller signs IMFPA.
5.) Seller and Buyer sign SPA confirmed by 3M
6.) Seller provides Purchase Invoice with 3M
Authorized Distributor Certificate.
7.) Buyer opens LC (Irrevocable, Transferable &
Divisible at sight) or SBLC.
8.) Seller provides POP, SGS report and Bill of Lading.
9.) LC will be released.
10.) Gloves shipped to the destination. E


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