Curaden – Velvet Grip

Curaden – Velvet Grip

Latex-free disposable gloves designed for your comfort and safety at all times.


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Minimum order quantity: from 30,000 boxes (12 month contracts possible e.g. 12 x 2.500 boxes)

Payment: 100% transferable LC/  Bank transfer payment ( see PDF download )

Delivery time: 10-40 days

Country of origin: Asia


  • Manufacturing Accreditations: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016
  • International Standards: EN 455:1-5, EN 374: 1-5, EN ISO 21420, EN 11866
  • EC-ERP:

SOP: more below under “SOP”


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Terms of Service




100% pure nitrile





Latex free:


Material thickness

min 0.05 mm

Manufacturing Accreditations ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016
Regulation Compliance CE Marked, FDA, FDA 510k
International Standards EN 455:1-3; EN 374:1,2,4,5; EN 374-3 (EN 16523-1:2015); EG-Type certification, EN ISO 21420, EN 1186

10 - 40 days

CURADEN – new brand of latex-free disposable gloves on the market


Disposable gloves have already been available for decades, however it is only recently that they have gained such  popularity. They have become an essential part of personal protective equipment not only in the medical industry, but also in everyday life. There are many industries where gloves are used on a daily basis like the automotive and food industry. Now more than ever employers all over the world take all necessary precautions to ensure their workers’ health and safety. Since the increased demand on gloves arrived quite unexpectedly, they were in short supply and difficult to get in many countries, particularly for private customers. Companies in Europe and overseas were getting much more orders than their capacity allowed them to fulfil. This was what forced changes in many production lines and gave a way for new brands to fill the gap in the market. CURADEN is one of these companies. These nitrile examination gloves have been designed to meet customers highest expectations regarding quality, whether in the medical or any other industry. They are the basic protection equipment that every employer should provide to their employees, as their health and safety could affect the future of any enterprise. CURADEN gloves are made of nitrile and are latex-free, which means they can be used safely by people allergic to natural rubber. Although they have been designed as examination gloves for medical use, they can perfectly serve other purposes as well. For example beauticians, tattoo artists, cleaning services etc.


Unique features of our latex-free disposable gloves


CURADEN nitrile examination gloves are sold in sizes SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE and X LARGE and have an ambidextrous shape, which means they can be easily worn on the left or on the right hand. Each box contains 100 pieces (90 in size XL). These gloves are available in blue, which is the most common choice in most environments. A textured fingertip allows for a better grip, even when the surface is wet. Standard cuff length makes them suitable for the majority of applications. These gloves are offered in powder-free version, which contain fewer chemical residues and therefore minimize the risk of skin irritation. Powder-free products are preferred as they do not leave a messy residue, which is essential in the medical and food industry. These non-sterile gloves are used mainly for hygienic purposes or self-protection. Although nitrile is less elastic than latex, the tactility it provides is just as good. More importantly nitrile has been proven to be superior in terms of puncture and chemical resistance. Thin disposable gloves such as CURADEN are designed for incidental contact with chemicals. Providing good barrier and basic chemical protection combined with good tactility and wearing comfort. When it comes to food handling, powder-free nitrile gloves are a preferred option as they are suitable for most requirements in the food sector. Medical gloves should be used when there is a possibility of touching someone else`s bodily fluids, certain hazardous drugs or potentially contaminated items or surfaces. Proper sizing and fitting is important for comfortable wearing during all activities. These gloves should be disposed of if any ripping or tearing occurs, and hands should be washed thoroughly with soap and water or alcohol-based hand-sanitiser. To provide maximum safety these disposable gloves are not meant to be reused, disinfected or shared with other users. Customers should be aware that despite being of the highest quality, these gloves can be punctured by sharp objects. CURADEN examination gloves are registered by FDA, who review all devices to ensure that performance criteria such as leak resistance, tear resistance and biocompatibility are met. CURADEN has obtained FDA 510(k) premarket notification, which is required for medical devices. CE marking guarantees a high level of protection, comfort and durability based on standards specified in European regulations. Our gloves have been tested against dangerous chemicals and microorganisms according to EN ISO 374-11:2016. Chemicals penetration and degradation rate have been established based on EN 374 2-4 specifications. CURADEN gloves offer protection against bacteria, fungi and viruses as specified in EN ISO 374-5:2016. These gloves have been through a variety of other tests to meet all necessary requirements and provide customers with products they can rely on: EN 455 1, 3-4, EN 455-2, EN 420, EN 16523-1, EN 1313-1 and ASMT6319-19. The last one specifies the demands for nitrile rubber gloves used in conducting medical examinations and diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.






1.) LOI (ask for template) - requires only contact details and signature by end buyer
+ BEST CASE: LOA (BCL or similar)
2.) NDA / KYC short (template) for customer protection
3.) Curaden sends FCO + SPA DRAFT
3.) Buyer signs FCO -> DD (Due Diligence)
4.) Buyer and Curaden sign SPA
6.) Buyer implements terms of payment
7.) Production, POP, SGS report and Bill of Landing at PORT
8.) Delivery to the port – CIF e.g. Hamburg
9.) Payment within 5 days after delivery at port
10.) R&E -> point 6


1. to 7.) see SOP CIF
8.) Delivery to buyer’s warehouse (DDP))
9.) Payment within 3 days after delivery (DDP)
10.) R&E -> point 6


1.) NDA / KYC short (template) for customer protection
2.) Proforma Invoice with buyer’s contact details
3.) Appointment for meeting in warehouse (location, date and hour)
4.) Production verification
5.) Bank transfer payment
6.) Load


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